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only if they are a nazi or smth. communists are WORSE by US legal standards. not sure canada is different enough there.

You really gotta explain what something is more if its some dried out movement youre interested in. Idk. Instead of “search for X” you couldved linked an intersting article or video or something about X that explains it.

The answer is you cant. Slavery is the natural endpoint of the current economic system.

That is not even a rule of nature though btw, “strong” and “weak” are meaningless. Its about ‘fitness’ and that doesn’t always mean the same thing. Its about proliferation but also balance with the rest of the ecosystem.

Eco-fascists are a thing. You sound like one too.

The US form IS what happens. Capitalism will ALWAYS devolve into monopolies that impose strict regulations preventing other competition from surviving. That’s the end state of the equilibrium.

Capitalism on paper.
Capitalism looks good on paper but it doesn’t work in real life. It’s just human nature. These academics talk about supply and demand curves, but after hundreds of years they still can’t even provide evidence that one exists. I’d love it if markets were free and efficient. It would make society so simple and everyone would get what they needed most. But people aren’t robots, you know? They don’t consume rationally and all the money ends up going to the guys at the top who use it to make themselves more powerful. It’s called tragedy of the commons. Markets can start out efficient, but people steal shit and force people to stop competing, which fucks the markets up even more.

Could be possible to set up brigades from lemmy. I’ve seen lots of people on hexbear/chapo talk about wanting to do brigading campaigns.

its not nearly as bad as an iphone or modern devices. follo along ith a youtube video and be careful and you definately can do it.

You’d think peterson could bother to fucking read and understand it. Dude lost it after his debate with zizek, thought he should only eat raw meat and got addicted to benzos and is trying to tell you to clean your room lol.

Real quick, haven’t opened it but you are trying to show the decrease in poverty through the world right? Jw where was the poverty reduced? Like which areas changed the most?

I mean, there is currently more than enough food, water, and housing for everyone, so yeah.

You yourself just wrote that innovation comes from nonprofitability. If that were the case profit should be outlawed and only nonprofits allowed to exist.

This has got to be a bit account lol.

Also tell me what that “initial technology” story, like what were the scientists/researchers that developed it motivations?

This is part of why the argument you’re trying sucks so much. You really think no one here has any idea about not having freedom to quit a shitty job? You think you can make any headway coming at it from that angle?

Like if this is a reverse psychology bit then like bravo dude. If not I have no interest in dismantling/strengthening your argument. The one you use right now is already really beneficial to people trying to undermine capitalism lol. I honestly hope you feel more confident in that argument and try it with the people you know irl.

Both have litterally happened (one is still happening constantly) before. Polio was eradicated. Another perfectly realistic target for eradication is malaria. Can’t think of any others right now but we totally could just be systematically eradicating pathogenic microbes year after year.

And have you looked inside the US healthcare system at all? Intellectual property of lifesaving medicine with arbitrarily high prices? Not ringing any bells?

“there are laws in the USA that forbid this”

God you suck at this.