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Totally independent distro is pretty cool

And Void Linux is one of the few distros still supporting 32 bit OSes

I’m a big fan of papercraft if the video doesn’t make that obvious enough haha…

Final game submitted and I think it turned out pretty well

"Cohesion" prototype published to itch!

Less than 24 hours left in the GMTK 2021 game jam! If you’re participating, I hope you’re having fun and I’d love to play your game this week …

Gaming in a VM - FAQ and comparison gameplay of Apex Legends

Cut together some footage playing Apex Legends in a Windows VM running on a Linux host side-by-side with a native install …

Yay! Thanks for the feedback and I’m so happy you had a positive experience

I agree it could use some work with optimization and performance tuning. When I added the trees the install ballooned up to 3GB. Which is a lot for such a small game

Windows Virtual Machine Beta Support For GeForce …

Thanks! I definitely want to open the code but I had some help with assets (art and music) so I don’t think I can give their stuff away without permission

I guess releasing the code with some of the assets missing would be better than nothing

Thanks for setting up this sublemmy! Looking forward to seeing what others share…