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If that was the only thing that annoyed you why didn’t you just install a cron daemon on your existing system?

I get your point but that sentence is the essence of my problem. Just because I myself don’t have the skills to maintain some systemd alternative no one else owes me to do it.

Of course it is valid to voice concerns if the distro you use makes some big change is perfectly valid, I’m just annoyed by how everlasting this topic is.

The problem I have with these anti systemd articles is that I don’t understand what they try to achieve. Systemd became popular because a lot of people seem to like it, both end users and distro folks, so it can’t be that horrible. I totally understand that someone may not want to use it but they are free to do so without writing a whiny blog post about it. People often state something along the lines of “but all the distros switched to systemd so I have to use it” and I think that’s a weird statement because it sounds like they try to blame distros maintainers for choosing systemd. Maintainers choose systemd because it makes their (often unpaid) work easier and if someone doesn’t like that choice they’re should spend their time maintaining an alternative instead of ranting about other peoples decision. This is linux after all and everbody is free to run whatever they want.

But I also have to trust the server with my meta data if they open source it? Threema still has the advantage that they don’t need any personal information at all to create an account to the metadata can be as little as “key 1 send a message to key 2”

I really hope they release a laptop <= 14" with thin bezel and Thunderbolt.

Also funfact about TUXEDO: They and system76 sell the same hardware (at least some of the laptops overlap) which are build by https://clevo-computer.com/. According to some reddit post it is possible to flash the open system76 Firmware for these devices on their tuxedo counterparts

No it shouldn’t. And even if the server would be open source we could not verify that the one running is using the published code

I don’t think threema uses emails as a messaging format so probably pretty different? But if you’re interested there seems to be a reverse engineered api already

Within the next months, the Threema apps will become fully open source, supporting reproducible builds

Doesn’t sound like the server software will be open sourced. Of course it would be nicer if they did that as well but as long as you don’t have to trust the server in any way I’m kinda okay with it

Especially if actions that normally require a call to the browser’s API can be compiled into standalone WebAssembly code

webassembly does not have bindings for web and dom APIs, these have to be called from javascript. So any extension that blocks javascript from using certain APIs will work with webassembly code.

I don’t use systemd-homd myself but I think the main idea was to have portable users and (optionally encrypted) home directories. systemd-homed users are stored in signed json files instead of /etc/passwd and if you move that file to another machine the user can log into the new machine as if they had an account their.

But as I said I don’t have any use for it personally so their might be more to it that I don’t know about

The only thing that is glitchy and problematic is this article. I know hating on systemd-* is in, but this is just bad:

  1. No it is not. The Arch wiki lists various storage options, LUKS is just one of them. You can use a plain directory if you want to. Also no part of systemd is currently ported to android and I don’t know anyone would be trying to change that.
  2. This is correct. There are workarounds but as Lenard himself said, systemd-home isn’t for everyone and this is indeed one drawback.
  3. Your home directory is still mounted to /home/some_dude.If some software can’t handle that your home directory is a mount point the software was already broken in the first pace.
  4. Yes both Arch linux and Ubuntu “include” systemd-homed, in the sens that they include the binary. Neither of them use it by default or help you configure it. You can use it if you want to but it isn’t some endorsed configuration in any way. If this counts as trying to ruin the stability of a system it seems to be a very unstable one.

urgh it is impossible to comment on the original post without a google account

This looks awesome. I have deployed it once in the past but somehow did not really use it for long. Nevertheless whenever I think about how want to store all my files I basically come to the conclusion that it should be the perkeep way. If I find time for it and want to give it another go and maybe write some blog posts about the experience to help others in a similar situation to get started.

Is anyone here using it and can write about their experience?

Well that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time

Thanks. I assume spam will be handled by moderators of the community banning users and instances?

Is there a high level overview of how federation will work?
Title says it all. I'm especially interested how likes / upvotes will work with federated instances