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Funkwhale is such a cool project, it’s a real shame it hasn’t taken off in the States… When I’ve browsed it all of the instances are either French or Japanese

I like it a lot… I’m in the process of (hopefully) going full FOSS and watched the address of the new FSF President from Libre Planet yesterday.

The Media Goblin stuff that they are pushing these days seems like a great YouTube alternative if they could just get a user base.

I installed LineageOS on a cheaper phone and moved my SIM to it as an experiment to see how life without any Google services was… I love it and I’m most likely flashing my Pixel 4 in the next week or so with Graphene. 😀😀

Charlie Hebdo was, and continues to be, a complete win for freedom of speech in Western democracies.

Freedom of Speech means all speech, outside of that which constitutes slander, libel, or assault. You have the freedom to be offended by what someone says… but every other world religion has become tolerant towards those who lob insults at their faith, it is high time that the those who subscribe to Islam get with the 21st century and laugh a little.

Scrambled Exif is free software on the F-Droid store and does the job!

I love nuclear energy. It is will be viable far longer than oil or other non-renewables.

I would recommend anyone who hasn’t seen it to watch Pandora’s Promise!