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I have no idea whether it will or not, but I think it would be good if it did. Even if there are large instances, that doesn’t mean that small, niche instances have to disappear. Each instance can act as its own universe if it wants to.

Could you give an example? Also, which language?

Definitely avoid it if you’re just searching. Use some other search engine like duckduckgo or searx. For youtube, you can use something like newpipe to keep track of subscriptions and history without using youtube directly. The main downside to that is you can’t rely on the algorithm to feed you content.

Oof. That’s unfortunate. At least it looks like people are downvoting them for the most part

Wow, for some reason I didn’t even know these sorts of sites existed. It’s probably because I watch mostly already aired shows

RoAetoLemmyLemmy is amazing!

Yeah, it’s so cool both in theory and practice! I’m really excited to see how it develops as it grows

I’ve never heard someone use ask as a noun, but isn’t gift a very common and correct verb?

Yes, it’s just for entertainment. I’m trying to say that Lemmy doesn’t serve as a replacement yet.

Perhaps I was a bit too harsh on the filter. After all, you’re right that someone could just modify the code. Even so, it doesn’t really seem like it lines up with the philosophy of federated platforms. It makes it more difficult to customize moderation on the instance level. I also feel like the problem of platforming nasty people could be solved by moderation on the instance level and blocking instances which don’t have adequate moderation. That’s what it’s going to need to be in the end anyway if Lemmy grows enough and people customize the code.

It does bring up the free speech debate, but I find those usually aren’t very productive in these sorts of contexts. It’s not really a legal question since the government isn’t involved, and they usually just end up being each side stating their presuppositions.

It’s not terribly important in this case anyways, I just thought I’d share my thoughts on it.

I would love to use it exclusively, but there’s not enough content to browse for very long

Although I’m more right-leaning than left, I personally think it’s great that the people leading lemmy are communists, anarchists, etc. I think it helps provide a counter-balance to the more right leaning groups trying to avoid mainstream social media.

I like the idea of a slur filter as a moderation tool for any instance I am a part of, but I feel like it goes against the whole purpose of federated social media. Isn’t the point of federated stuff that you are free of centralized control, with the freedom to pick an instance which suits your desires? It seems wrong to impose any moderation, no matter how justified, on an entire federated platform.

Generally though, I love this platform! Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Warm mango juice is also pretty good.

I haven’t actually watched it yet myself, but I’ve heard some people say that Wonder Egg Priority is pretty bizarre.

whoa that’s pretty cool