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  • Haha yeah for sure. Though that’s already done today with very old pictures and the likes.

    I guess the user (me) would be the one paying!

    I’m not at all underestimating that, it’s the very reason I would like a bot to do it. For an average guy there’s about a 2% of getting a match. After that you need to get a response, which is far from an easy feat. Honestly, I’d be pleased with an AI that swiped for me and got the first reply to be honest.

    It’s just tedious work for - often - very little benefit!

  • I’ll go with the actual unpopular opinion.

    I would love to use an AI to set up what sort of woman I’m interested in, topics it can discuss and whatnot. Then let it swipe for me, start and maintain some short conversations in my writing style. It could notify when it’s time to ask the person out on a date and from there on I could take over the conversation.

    It’s dystopian for sure, but getting a date is basically just a numbers game. Would love getting to skip actually doing that part…

  • Sure. But regardless, I used to work as a teacher. 15 weeks of vacation yearly, great pay (for Sweden at least). Worked about 32h every week.

    I’m much happier today with much less vacation, longer hours and a bit worse pay (though it’ll get much better with time). Because I actually like my job. And I get to work on skills that I have use for in my free time as well.

    It does not have to be all about getting paid as much and working as little as possible. Finding a good employer and a career you like is also an option.

  • We are talking about a get together once or twice a year here. That is very much something that is not only beneficial for extroverts, but also most introverts. The extremities between these often get a bit absurd when discussing. Studies show the happiness level of introverts increasing after social gatherings as well.

    Not saying it should happen daily or even weekly. But yearly? That should not be a problem for anyone.

  • I felt like this a couple of years ago, then I went and changed both job and career. Suddenly I find myself actually enjoying what I do, as well as my colleagues.

    A job is definitely transactional, but seeing as most of us spend 8h a day on them. I’d urge ya’ll to - if possible - try and find one where you can find some pride and value in what you do, other than the paycheck you receive.

    It has improved all parts of my life in all honesty.

  • Why wouldn’t you be able to create relationships with your colleagues just because you hate your workplace? The worst places I’ve worked at, have had the absolute strongest relationships between the people working there. Because it’s basically been a necessity to survive the workday.

    Your colleagues might hate it as much as you do. That can be something to find comfort in. And you’ll obviously never care about someone you don’t know. Perhaps you might actually start caring about a colleague or two, if you do get to know them.

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    Very few people who live, regret having lived. That is, even people who go through the toughest of times. I’d pick being born today in a lower income family, over not being born, 100 times out of 100.

    If you feel like you’ll be a capable parent, it is not at all cruel.

  • It’s rather interesting here that the board, consisting of a fairly strong scientific presence, and not so much a commercial one, is getting such hate.

    People are quick to jump on for profit companies that do everything in their power to earn a buck. Well, here you have a company that fires their CEO for going too much in the direction of earning money.

    Yet every one is all up in arms over it. We can’t have the cake and eat it folks.