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Hi, Linux gaming has come a long way. IMHO you should check

  1. are your games natively supported
  2. if not, could you play them via Proton? Check https://www.protondb.com/
  3. check your multiplayer games for crossplay (for some games e.g. Company of Heroes 2 the multiplayer is split between platforms)
  4. check performance comparisons for your favorite games

Anyone has an opinion on startpage.com? This would be the best alternative imho.

I am using the nextcloud snap on my Ubuntu server and I am quite happy with it as there is almost no maintenance effort needed. I primarily use default settings and just used their certbot integration to get a proper certificate. Not sure what exactly else is possible with the snap.

I think we can agree that Whatsapp (or Facebook respectively) will record, track and analyze all of the data they have - including the metadata and (encrypted) messages.

As the messages are encrypted Whatsapp doesn’t know the content. So as long as the message is minimaly modified, it should pass through, right? Or do you see any possibility that Whatsapp can censor messages with specific content?