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any 3rd-party alternative interfaces for lemmy yet?

Something I find exciting about open source social media is the possibility of custom front-ends. Are there any projects out there for example that allow using lemmy through the terminal, or a dedicated emacs mode, etc?..

It’s really cool! My impression though is that it’s mostly to help with memorization. I would like it to help me understand why those moves are best. Is there any book or database you could pull explanations from maybe?

are there plans to enable federation on lemmy.ml? wondering if i should start using a federated node instead for fear of getting left out of the fediverse!

i find something that makes online discussions more fun and less frustrating is to learn to just accept the downvotes… sometimes they make you want to lash out and say, “hey wtf did i say, do you not agree? if not why not!?” but at the end of the day… just relax… they are just internet points… it’s a lot more relaxing to just see the number, and say to yourself… “damn… guess i misstepped on that one somehow… oh well”… and just move on. like the above poster says, no one actually owes you an explanation, after all. just remember that downvotes are part of the game, they are going to happen, and try not to let it get to you.

also, i’ll add, sometimes you want to own those downvotes… sometimes it’s okay to have a dissenting opinion, and you should learn to role with that. “20 downvotes, i hit a nerve I guess, but fuck it I’m right and I’m sticking with what i said.” I feel like going out after a bad-ass comment and asking for downvote explanations just takes away from any solid position you were trying to take.

his quiet time during the work day…