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Its the anology of a pencil, it can be used to stick someone’s eye out or be used to draw things. Nothing inheriently makes us do anything - we choose how something makes us react. But it really depends on how people use technology that matters.

Which also plays into how I believe in the power of the individual. You have complete control of yourself, but you need to exercise that control. Most people nowadays are so controlled by evil forces which hinder their development and most people’s minds are enslaved by the things of our time. For example playing the latest video games, getting in on the latest fashion, buying the latest car, caring/impressing others.

But to answer your question essentially tech companies are mostly controlled by evil satanic forces which use technology for the disadvantage of mankind and it breeds all kinds of destructive things such as mental health issues (which I think incorporates lonliness). I mean lets be real here fifa is an absolute scam where they get kids to buy fifa points in the hopes of receiving a rare player and they essentially waste their money, what’s worse is these people buy fifa each year when very little has changed with the game. Its an absolute scam and its kinda sad to see so many kids being disheartened by not getting their player of choise. But hey, its ok because the CEOs of EA have their nice fancy cars and their yachts and their mansions.

To be honest I kinda feel like too many young people are wasting their time on it and not doing more constructive things with their time. Like seriously have you seen young people these days mindlessly scrolling on Instagram/Twitter and watching TikTok all day long? On top of that TikTok is most likely spyware.

Think this has already been discussed here in the past, try using the search funtion and look for when this was last discussed.

Not a big fan of this approach because this app works like a VPN and in order to use it I need to not be using my VPN on my phone. So this approach is a no go for me. But thanks for the suggestion.

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