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Well, what I called a delusion is the potential belief that capitalism is not a hierarchy, or somehow maybe a fair hierarchy. I think it is an obvious fact that capitalism needs poverty to exist. The fact how some people are rich and others are poor is capitalism working as it should. Even if you look at the Great Depression, when it happened the economy was much freer. Then Roosevelt started implementing regulations, and it (in combination with WW2) launched America into half a century of economic progress. Then, starting with Reagan, these regulations were being taken down one by one, thus freeing up the market again, and that led to the 2008 recession. These are all documented facts that you can find from even centrist sources. But even on the larger scale, America was able to stay rich because it intentionally kept other countries poor. Because you need poverty for capitalism to exist. This is a video I like that kinda breaks down the basic issue of capitalism: https://youtu.be/i-VsLNOduJA

We don’t really want no interaction with Ancaps (at least I don’t). Because we don’t see their school of thought as being in any way compatible with ours. Every single branch of Anarchism rejects capitalism. I would even say capitalism is in fact a bigger problem than the state. Perhaps the state’s main role in modern society is to maintain capitalism. So the differences between Ancaps and the rest of Anarchists are irreconcilable, as far as I can see.

My landlord is also a cop :D

I mean, even if we don’t call it fascism, you still cannot call it anarchism. The two terms are simply mutually-exclusive, as capitalism is a hierarchy. If you get rid of the state but retain capitalism, simply the most powerful company will take the role of the state. The reason we are against the state is because of its dominant and corrupt nature, not because it’s some mythical monster. Anarcho-capitalists seem to rebel against the label, rather than the actual essence of the state. Or, I guess, some might genuinely believe that capitalism is in fact not a hierarchy and somehow can provide free and equal society. But I dunno how to deal with delusion.

I’m a relatively recent Linux convert. I did not know of such a tool. But will look it up now, thanks!

Every new account I created was becoming invisible

I had 3 accounts that were working well, but I had abandoned them for various reasons. Then, when I created the 4th one, I noticed something strange. Nobody was interacting with my posts or comments at all. No upvotes, no downvotes, no replies. I couldn’t use the chat function at all, and regular DM…

As someone who lives in Russia and is a son to Soviet parents, I hate the preachiness of this poster. USSR have raised generations of narrow-minded people who would tell everyone else how they should live. As much as I hate consumerism, this isn’t the way to effectively combat it.