I had 3 accounts that were working well, but I had abandoned them for various reasons. Then, when I created the 4th one, I noticed something strange. Nobody was interacting with my posts or comments at all. No upvotes, no downvotes, no replies. I couldn’t use the chat function at all, and regular DMs seemed to also get no reaction. When I used my other account to see comments or DMs of this one, I couldn’t. They just didn’t exist. When I tried to open this new account’s profile page, it just told me the profile didn’t exist. I tried creating 2 more accounts, and it was the same story. Finally I posted in r/help (iirc), and instead of getting a reply, I was told that this question had been answered before and my post was removed. The thing is, I had searched for an answer, I couldn’t find anybody describe a problem like this.

Eventually, I tried making a new email on Proton Mail, and register a new account using a VPN. That did the trick. But this experience left such a bad taste in my mouth. I cannot use any platform that treats me like shit. I dunno what was the issue there, but Reddit could’ve told me. Instead they decided to play this weird game with me. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a website do something like this. So I just got pissed off and left.


Old post, I know, but I’m new to Lemmy from reddit as well.

Did you create an account while using Tor?

We ran into something similar - I believe they actively nerf accounts that were made from a Tor endpoint.

The complete lack of any customer support from them was a huge reason I left.


You don’t need an email for reddit. It tricks you into giving them your email.




If it did require email, you should use something like the tmpmail command (if you are on linux).


I’m a relatively recent Linux convert. I did not know of such a tool. But will look it up now, thanks!

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