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Yep. And being able to set it as the system assistant and open with the keyboard up is great when you don’t have google on your phone

Very true, i guess for me a lot of my favorite songs i diin’t even like that much the first time i heard them. There’s a big difference for me between listening to a song to see if i’d buy it and just listening to a song while chilling or driving or working or whatever. I wish i was different though, i’d much rather be able to comfortably use bandcamp or resonate or something than spotify

Buying a song or album without knowing if you’ll like it is a big risk, and it’s tough to find music listening to radio especially since an algorithm can give you way better, more niche/personalized suggestions without ads. And streaming allows you to have a huge library of all the unique songs you’ve found without having to pay 1000s of dollars, hours of time finding and buying all the albums you want, and then finding a way to store them all

Reposting this comment cause i though my comment got posted twice but i think it was just a glitch on my lemmy client

Some feature phones do i think but i don’t know enough about them to have a recommendation, sorry

Best options i can thing of, in no particular order, are the pinephone, a pixel with grapheneos, a light phone, or a feature phone

If you’re on android then you might be able to do a lot of what you want with a custom launcher, if you search “launcher” on fdroid you should find a ton of really solid options

Signal. It’s like imessage on android

I use ecosia.org, according to their FAQ they don’t use 3rd party trackers or sell data to advertisers, and any privacy issues that might arise from them using Bing for personalizing search results (which can be disabled) are worth it imo for them planting trees with their ad revenue. But if I really need a private search, I’ll use something like duckduckgo