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the major social media sites should be declared public so that 1st amendment rights apply. the idea that if it’s a private company it can do whatever it wants seems to go against the spirit of the 1st amendment purpose (in the us…)

trump is a dick face but he shouldn’t have been censored.

so basically, not secure at all.

or they’re just referring to the thousands of images installed by people who have no clue what they are doing… 51% of docker “admins”?

this isn’t like the new coronavirus strain is it?

i realize this is a western perspective, but, are people actually still buying/supporting this company?! i see their future being similar to datsun after perl harbor. (spoiler, they don’t go away, they just change their name)

there’s this super cool guy named klaus schwab who has written a few books on the topic. he works with other super cool folks, they are really making strides at changing the world.

it’s fascinating how many people are begging for poison, not surprising, however.

what country imposes this? in the US we have repair shops everywhere for pretty much everything. service is usually horrible and cost isn’t worth it, but idiots are in line at these places all the time.

The more people who do this the better. We’ve gotta get to 2 billion somehow. Wear 3 masks, take every available vaccine and follow these instructions to the T!

hold table spots before ordering

is that why people look at me weird in coffee shops? lol

i mean, once we get to 2 billion people we simply will not need as much oil production. what’s the eta again, 2025 or so?

sony xperia phones were great for this before wifi calling and volte came out - really miss this feature. unfortunately xperia phones in US markets don’t support features like wifi calling, volte, or even the f’in fingerprint scanner anymore. fail.

this is being done with vaccine consignment as well

if bill gates doesn’t approve, this will never go through

lol, were there people out there actually on the edge of their seat over this?