In the last few days, the question of why more drug companies haven’t been enlisted for vaccine production has come up. It’s mostly due to this tweet: The problem is, as far as I can see, this is simply wrong. There are not “dozens of other pharma companies” who “stand ready” to produce these


In Germany, many are unhappy about the vaccination progress and pressure politicians to do something. In my opinion, they sound like sports fans where everyone knows it better then the pros.

If politicians get pressured into emergency activities, they might actually slow down the pharma companies.


The article focuses on the mRNA vaccines and I agree with the points mentioned. mRNA vaccines are a (relatively) novel approach and there are not enough capacities to produce enough of it. But vaccines that use more established technology like the AstraZeneca vaccine or Sputnik should be easier to produce. I am curious whether we use all of our available capacities for them.


it’s fascinating how many people are begging for poison, not surprising, however.

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