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Basically because julia moved to vscode … https://techytok.com/julia-vscode/

I still use atom hydrogen for python :)

How … spoiler: Protonmail safes the IP address when creating a new account.

Thank you for taking the time to write that and pointing me to the fosstodon instance! I just got my account there :)

I even found a mastodon.social entry in my password manager from x years ago. I guess i had a better experience back then on how to sign up. I really struggled this time. I guess things don’t get easier the older you get.

Probably in the unknown universe as well

He didn’t say which crypto. Do you have serious concerns? Otherwise he’s right.

How do i ddgo that? I’m an idiot. lynx browser finds it

I’m a linux user and I don’thang out in the command line the whole day. Using curl for browsing would be really annoying :D

If the backend just sends the data to google there’s no point in using an alternative frontend imo.

Not foss but linguee for words and deepl for sentences or phrases. Never input any personal or confidential stuff. Never.

He’s still on the board -> no way that’s coming

I didn’t know android introduces a permission for the fingerprint, I’m still on android 10. Good to know that you can disable that in the recent versions

I used atom a lot but ever since microsoft bought it, I’m moving to vscodium. And Kate for quick file editing

Looks promising! I wish fenix was as awesome as firefox

Wow. I wouldn’t have come up with that myself, thx.

Is this currently being abused by any OS or apps?

How can I support 123movies?
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