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The Bolsheviks and Workers' Control - The State and Counter-Revolution

"The Bolsheviks and Workers Control is a remarkable pamphlet exposing the struggle that took place over the running of workplaces in the immediate aftermath of the Russian Revolution. In doing so not only does it demolish the romantic Leninist “history” of the relationship between the working class …

and then the capitalist gamification that they aruge brings stronger protection then how Tor does it.

wtf. why is session promoted here? they worked together with alt-right shitheads.

if you would need to introduce someone new to ML, someone that read to much lib shit and to much CIA prop, what would you suggest them to read or watch?

(I didn’t expect such a respond for the reason posting this question to /c/Anarchism)

that was a quick respond, even so one that I didn’t expect. :-p At least lemmy seems to be used pretty active.