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a more simple system :

  1. all toot should have 1 and only one hashtag
  2. Give the possibility to follow a person/specific hashtag

their website is very well-done for smartphone

what happen in fediverse is amazing. good project are emerging.

totally agree. when I ask people why they stay on Facebook, they reply : ‘groups’ I hope mastodon will integrate ‘group’ feature.

well, I tried plemora, diaspora, friendica…but the problems is when you begin , with no followers, it’s just an empty space. In mastodon, the ‘noise’ in the local timelines is addictive for beginners.

Durmitor, montenegro
you can hike through durmitor national park and camp near the lake. …


i hope it will be the next step of federated services and like ‘the lord of ring’ : one ID (ring) to rule them all !

that’s a shame. May be in the future, real federated email service will appear

good idea but it requires to have equipment. The same without equipment you can do at home will be better

  1. navbar text is not a big deal, I will do with it
  2. more annoying : for text size in chrome. you should try if someone you know can do the test with chrome.

  1. For the nav bar, you can replace text with button : home, search, inbox buttons are well-known.
  2. I use chrome, as lot of people. Don’t know what is wrong…

3 images :

  1. new top menu
  2. on smartphone, chrome, text size of post when displayed
  3. text size when I write post : tiny

I didn’t know you can use markdown. Whether markdown is useless in Lemmy could be another post.

i hate some stuff on mastodon but I admit it’s an excellent platform to connect people : 4 millions users and growing success is a sign. I think mastodon (user focussed) and Lemmy (Topic focussed) are both sides on the same coin : both are opposite but both are necessary in the coin.

I use mainly ‘darkly’ theme : it works whatever light environment

lemmy: 2 weeks feedback

my feedback after using Lemmy for 2 weeks on SMARTPHONE :

  1. Annoying menu when you write ‘:’ on a post…

For your information, there is a fork of signal without google services. https://langis.cloudfrancois.fr/

I never tried it though

In the picture, you should include a loop between all Linux distro, representing distrohopper : I was one of them when I was young !

What do you HATE on mastodon ?


  1. Users who put 20 hashtags on their toot…

For me, a real chat application run in the background and gives you message at any time. I don’t know if delta-chat run in the background but it seems a weird solution. But if you are happy with it, why not. ( For info, app xmpp ‘conversation’ running in the background is only 10M RAM)

community should promote federate chat solution like xmpp or matrix. Everything dealing with your privacy should be federated.


Famous Youtubers

One of my favorite youtuber about backpacking is "Darwin On The Trail’ …

a solo backpacker in iceland

Just discover this video. You go away for 15 minutes. excellent !! …

lemmy vs mastodon

mastodon is great to talk and discover people but the hashtag approach is hard to find a community. I think lemmy fill the gap. I hope interaction between both platform will be awesome…


I just create a community for backpacking. Hope you will enjoy and you will bring your ideas and comment…