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It is a fallacy to say that it follows, but I am defining responsibility that way. No fallacy there but of course it might be a terrible definition.

By wealth generated do you mean the increase in other people’s income? That is, if you have 5% of the world’s current wealth, you must contribute at least 5% of the rest of the world’s income. (?)

Is ‘embedded in … DNA’ to be taken literally or is it a figure of speech?

I’d argue that it is embedded in everyone’s DNA to be brutal against outsiders, and thus the statement is technically true but phrased to provoke.

If you benefit, then you are responsible

Just a moral argument on which Id like to get feedback. …

Yes. XMPP, the protocol, is just an open standard. If theyve implemented their own version, they can ise any license they want.

If they forked an implementation, on the other hand, there are some limitations depending on the license. But even if the server was forked from GPL code, they dont need to publish the server code.

Depends what the concentration camps look like. If theyre multi story, you cpuld very easily fit a million in less than 10% of SF. Camps can be much denser than prisons.