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  • I’ve degoogled apart from:

    • Google photos - I have shared storage with my family and I really can’t be doing with sorting out the mess when I cancel my 200GB subscription. I do however back all photos up to my server.
    • Pixel phone - I try not use any Google apps/search but the phones are updated regularly and are reasonably good value for money. Other brands have the Google tracking with the OEM tracking on top.

  • I installed Linux mint on my Framework laptop because fuck windows.

    I had to move back to windows, it didn’t feel ready and couldn’t get it working easily how I like.

    Heres some of the issues(any pointers would be great)

    • 120hz just wouldn’t work on one monitor, it detects it but won’t apply. (Works fine in W10 and Ubuntu).
    • Scrolling on the touchpad is unbelievably fast and makes it unusable.
    • Fractional scaling is a joke, my laptop screen needs around 125% but everything becomes a blurred mess.
    • The mouse is a bit jittery and can’t explain why (usually using a Logitech gaming mouse when docked).
    • Governor cannot be different on battery and AC. Defaults to max turbo.
    • Fingerprint sensor doesn’t work (works fine on Ubuntu and w10).
    • Unsure how to get hardware accelerated disk encryption working?

    Some stuff is better but a combination of these just brings me back to windows. It just loads and works?

  • I switched my parents group chat to RCS from whatsapp after pestering them for ages.

    Over the span of 2 months we had 4-5 inconsistencies where I would recieve a message from my mum or dad in the group that would be in another language or clearly not be written by them. It wouldn’t show up on her phone but my brother and dad would see it.

    Here’s the proof of the last occassion it happened. They’re never going to switch now…