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WANTED: Looking For Ethical Tech/Privacy News Reporters

Hello, as some of you may know I am the founder and director of Humans For Ethical Technology (https://hfet.org) …

Hi, thank you so much for the list, I will add them to the page!

In answer to your question, I am the director of the project but not the only one involved - see hfet.org/team

Yeah that’s great advice.

Thanks for the feedback! Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to publish a piece like that :)

Awesome, I will add them both now - thank you! Please feel free to add any more.

[HELP NEEDED] I'm trying to compile a list of ethical tech resources and would appreciate your help!

Hi, I’m putting together a list of ethical tech resources under the following categories: Documentaries, Books, Podcasts, Blogs, Software (FOSS of course).

Thanks for the interest on my initial post, here’s an update with an application process.

Apply here: https://hfet.org/write-for-us/

Yep I couldn’t agree more

Thanks to those who have contacted me, still looking for more contributers so please get in touch if you are interested. Thanks!

Would YOU like to write Pro-Privacy Articles? I am starting an ethical tech org, please get in touch if this sounds interesting.

Hello all, I am in the process (and nearly done) of setting up an ethical tech organisation, which to start with will focus on publishing articles on news relating to ethical tech - the initial goal is to reach and inform people who are concerned, but not that knowledgeable yet about protecting thei…

Is OSM related to Mapillary?

Yeah and honestly I don’t see why obvious monopolies are being allowed to exist…

Yeah Matrix is definitely better.

Facebook Owns GIF Integration In Wire Messenger

Do you use Wire for messaging? If so this is something you should be aware of!..

You’re exactly right. It needs to be changed so that tech companies can’t just do bad things and ask for forgiveness, and get away with what is for them a minor slap on the wrist.

Ah my mistake, I interpreted it should go straight to a matrix room or something. Thanks for sharing!