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That’s probably the weirdest thing I’ve seen, any particular reason for this over the universally adopted ctrl/cmd + enter?

I’m a big fan of porkbun. Their interface is very nice and WHOIS privacy is enabled by default for all domains which allow it.

EDIT: Oh yeah, they have integrated SSL w/ LetsEncrypt too. Forgot to add that

I wouldn’t say I am obsessed with Linux, but I enjoy that Linux/FOSS is community driven and that shows in both the product itself as well as the development process.

Something about using Linux just feels more fun and engaging than trudging through installs/configs on Windows machine.

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Yeah I don’t know if people who are doing that are irony posting or what… but there are much better ways to waste your time imo.

I’m digging the themes. I’m going to see how long I can last on the i386 theme. ✊🏻

am I a lib for not knowing the discord was a thing before it was too late?