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damn. i had high hopes it was the real xi


war is continuation of theft.

political participation everywhere is close to zero. i’d say the same group who says it’s fun is another site of the group that justify it with mental gymnastics. just two different kinds of idiots (in the Greek sense of the word).

edit: damn we all fallen for the troll 😞

shhh. kids here don’t know about context.

most of the world have laws against that, in the usa, they should bump prices to the moon, i agree. not doing so would be foolish and disrespectful to usa religious believe in profit 🙏 we must be inclusive and empathetic.

ponkan blosson or eucalyptus?

well, the language is hardly to become a blocker for google’s privacy invasion business like the browser is.

west still on baby steps to plant dissent in china when you dont even report what’s the wechat code words being used for it 🤣

4chan haven’t existed for 5 years.

occupations are still the norm all over Africa.

seems like you based your research on us based news sources.

just last month mali had so many UN peace units deployed that the local govt hired wagner as consultants

lol. it’s floating because of those conflicts. it’s a paper bully.

you’re NOT overthinking this.

Mozilla completely undermined and practically destroyed firefox for google. all because they own the trademark, much better communities never caught on.

California already passed legislation that every business and ngo must aubtitle any video they post.

get on with the times and enjoy the great nation of california comrade.

lol. that is a DoD operated newspaper. wonder if this is supposed to inspire rigth wing americans on how they are winning on all aspects of the war.

looks like they are escorting a respected but ill old man.

can also be a purge.

empires gona empire. who knows 🤷‍♂️


can you eat a papaya if you see it with the seeds?

@gcbtoMemesTrue Story

breath of freedom!

@gcbtoMemesTrue Story

so the global south just have to learn some work ethics and they can even be the next queen?

because saudis own American oil companies doing fraclinkg.

they want to make oil expensive to keep their own while they frackle usa and Canada.

only American brainlets think expensive oil is saudi short term game.

because its spewed by a machine by billions of bottles per second. not because it is clear.

yep. everything with an “algorithm” is code word for controlled alienation echo chamber. it is pointless to engage in those platforms. all you do is waste your time. post your mao quotes, your friends will only see your weding pictures and ads for the latest handgun.

only way to engage liberals is to compromise. we need a post modern version of social democracy, which was the first compromise but is already too left since the “left” party is way to the rigth everywhere

they are the larger category in the usa and are completely removed from commentary and research, as if they are invisible.

fascism exist in the usa because most of the Middle class makes a living killing and sabotaging worker movements even though they don’t employee anyone or have anything to gain from all that other than a fat paycheck.

and academics bend themselves trying to justify things on some collective dad issue.

for rosenthal everything in the world is because he wasn’t loved by his white dad. and he project that on every social issue lol.

plastic is about pressing a button on a machine and hetting goods out with one dumb worker.

anything made of wood required several skilled workers.

wood will never make a comeback in capitalism. its against profit.

lol nobody cared what color are things :(

yall contributing with a nsa campaign to catalog which account is from which latin country by how they call this fat rat 🤣

fascists are the imperialist who lost. yes.

everyone also forget that the military complex have employees. imagine that part of the defense budget goes to personel… it’s the single larger workers organization in the USA. and on top of that huge mass of people you then have cops etc.

and these people have communities, vote, etc. they are never mentioned anywhere. it’s either rednecks vs trans techno liberals or something with race.

plenty of old clothes stores in europe carry working clothes. specially paris and prague.

but you will be shocked how small those dresses are. and the shoes, damn.

shouldn’t have let amz and other US based groups defund your post office 🤷‍♂️

most colonized countries have a postal system that is nothing but an artificial barrier for the common person to import tools and goods.

she did get the tax breaks she had to deliver. job truly done in under a month. impressive.

yeah because everyone only uses plastic because it’s transparent.

dense hippies and their green magic tech. lol.

because its now pop culture. the same cesspool you tried to escape when you first wasted your youth on it.

this is the new daytime TV. escape it and go outside.

maybe i have 5c on each of my eyes.

thanks for proving the kidnap yet again.

this video is after the guy drags the victim inside. on the second angle you can clearly see the person running clashes with the guard behind the gate column and he is pushed while still dragging someone with his left arm.

even with all the chosen angles and rapid confusing cuts, it’s still obvious.

man you are really giving them value for the money 五毛党.

will read more on nixos then.

looked a long time ago and the selling point was just calling the common practice of a install-script black magic. …yeah install scripts are not standardized across distros, but they did start one from scratch too so :shrug and while that is nice, dockerfiles are more popular now, for better or worse (it’s for worse)

what i call a meme is all the promises that config sharing fixes all problems. yeah you can share your facy declarative build setting with 7tb of ram and running all compilers as root to rebuild your package, but i won’t touch it on my systems.

rest all seemed pretty unixy underneath.

non-alienation guiding principle.

every fediverse application is either 1) completely dense for anyone but a few contributors or 2) condescending and trying very hard to hide all the conplexity.

1 makes it harder for common folks to join the effort and start their instances etc.

2 makes the folks who join via downloading apps like jerboa completely oblivious they are not just using a twitter clone with less people.

i worked 8h a day and went to college at nigth. so i don’t even know how these loans works.

how many years would you have saved on payments under this? everyone i talk to doesn’t improve much, which makes me find it’s too much political propaganda to call it forgiveness when they are barely skimming the top.

unix is about jugling processes on top of a kernel.

processes are just fancy processes.

kata/firecracker/qemu/xen are virtualization/vms they are the only thing that differ from unix, but so far by just adding a new layer to more unix.

nix is a meme because it pretend to be something else than a package manager with shared settings for a very subset of things. its basically an opinionated distro, but with dangerous illusion of grandeur.

the liberals and conformists will remind you “state operated” and then proceed to praise journalistic integrity. :shrug

Is lemmy an empires fandom space?
99.999% of the posts and comments (i counted) either hate or unconditionally love USA/Russia/China. so boring