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Armin Laschet elected chairman of CDU, good chance at nomination for Chancellor of Germany

I wrote a small piece about today’s election of the new chairman of Merkel’s party , who now for better or worse has a good shot at the Chancellery in September 2021…

Guys, I use and love both XMPP and Matrix however I don’t see masses adopting them in fact I can’t even convince my immediate family to use them. People want reliable push notifications and cute stickers :-) I think Signal is a good compromise, I know it’s US based (I discuss this in the post) however it’s zero knowledge. The code is open source if there were vulnerabilities we would probably know by now…

The age of Signal has come

Recent intrusive changes in the privacy policy of WhatsApp (including the sharing of never before seen amounts of unencrypted user data with the parent company Facebook) have prompted a mass exodus of WhatsApp users to the secure and open-source alternative Signal. I have been hoping for a change li…