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Which source forge are you using right now?

Between Github, GitLab, Gitea, Sourcehut and more, what is the source forge that you currently use and why?..

is there an app that can do respectable turn by turn navigation? if something like osmand would work, I would be down for trying

I think NewPipe should start being a bit careful of the feature creep

any options to sync history between devices somehow? I know there is XBrowserSync, but I don’t think it can sync history, only bookmarks

how do you like foot term? I am currently on alacritty, but considering something else potentially

kinda like what cockroach is for postgres, it seems

I use aerc at the moment, used thunderbird, but never something like mutter

I was expecting that tbh :)

I feel like thats because mail is either outsourced, has offline clients or good webmails