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Been a while since i saw what i wrote, but if i remember correctly i called for the end of sophism by giving a solution, idk how tf that makes my argument sophist since a sophist would want an eternal argument, that’s all i’ll say here and thank you for your time.

Thr article’s TLDR is not wrong, what is wrong is its title, because that’s Internet design and has always been.

That last part doesn’t seem like an argument and more an accusation. And for the first part, certainly, however for how many leftist activists i see only and how many people scream for society to “CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE” it has done nothing of the sort. Its huge impact is seen in specific areas, harassment of companies (employees) to deliver better products (bankruptcy), amber alerts, casual awareness of whatever the hell is THE thing we need to fight for… And yet nothing is solved becausr it’s an individual talking about paying attention to an individual and not giving applicable solutions, everyone loves Sophism apparently.

I agree, it was the reason i tried it before, but i can’t at all keep myself accountable for that database which can still be stolen through my own carelessness, be lost thanks to myself deleting the database by accident or simply be out of sync between my 3 different devices. So preferably i would want for at least one of those issues to be solved through the cloud.

For the comments that say “what constitutes as AI art” well, if you have decided to take a look at any AI generated art you’d easily be able to tell. And no matter how many art styles it can imitate, it’s exactly that an imitation you can see the differences and the issues that come with trying to do that.

For anyone saying this takes less skill… No it doesn’t, you still need to know exactly how to work with the AI to not make its generated images have broken anatomy, melted skin and broken art.

And for those that say this is horrible because “How dare China make a law to regulate AI art from taking away money from real artists”… Hear yourself and see where these technologies have gotten us with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so many privacy-invading tools growing unimpeded.

“Here are two reasons why nobody replaced it yet” - Title

Mastodon shouldn’t replace Twitter, much like Twitter didn’t replace Tumblr or Tumblr, Facebook or MySpace. These are trends, Mastodon should get popular, but it shouldn’t be a replacement.

Twitter still should burn to the ground tho, much like any corporation should burn to the ground.

Try just searching globally InternetArchive

Mine is Dairy, i can’t afford anything else, it’s way too expensive (Brazil)

Wouldn’t that create a lawsuit?

So you nitpick on Newsweek and ignore LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE, just admit you don’t actually care about any of the people involved in this shit.

Johncena141: Resource for Linux Games
A resource that should be added to linux is JohnCena's uploads on 1337x Download from the torrent options in the site, and be sure to have adblock to better navigate it.