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Anarchists don’t support states, and most certainly not imperialist powers like the USA, Russia, and China.

In the particular situation of the current events, anarchists condemn Russia, Nato, and the Nazis infiltrated in the Ukrainian military, and support Ukrainian and Russian anarchists to help all people impacted by the war.

Actually, I figured it out. On the protonmail web app there’s a button that triggers the browser’s prompt to use it as handler for mailto links.

Set webmail to open Mailto links
Hi all! I'm a new user of LibreWolf. I am trying to setup LibreWolf to open mailto links so that they open in my webmail (protonmail) instead of my system's email application (which I don't use). I tried going to Settings>General>Applications but there's only a defined list of file types and it doesn't seem possible to add new types (in my case, mailto). When I go to outlook.office.com I get the prompt to set it as handler for mailto links, and this works and adds an entry into the Applications settings of LibreWolf. However, I can only select outlook.office.com, the default system email app, or add other system applications. What I would like to do is add the protonmail web application as handler, but that doesn't seem possible.

Mozilla recently partnered with Facebook to create “privacy preserving ads”. I’m not sure I like that

What surprises me is that good company was allowed to build such a tunnel without proper safety infrastructure. Aren’t there regulations they should have followed?

I absolutely adore this video with all my heart!