Hi all! I’m a new user of LibreWolf.

I am trying to setup LibreWolf to open mailto links so that they open in my webmail (protonmail) instead of my system’s email application (which I don’t use).

I tried going to Settings>General>Applications but there’s only a defined list of file types and it doesn’t seem possible to add new types (in my case, mailto).

When I go to outlook.office.com I get the prompt to set it as handler for mailto links, and this works and adds an entry into the Applications settings of LibreWolf. However, I can only select outlook.office.com, the default system email app, or add other system applications. What I would like to do is add the protonmail web application as handler, but that doesn’t seem possible.

2un an

Actually, I figured it out. On the protonmail web app there’s a button that triggers the browser’s prompt to use it as handler for mailto links.

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