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Man I swear they gave me a placebo. I had zero side effects besides arm a little sore. The first shots and first booster all made me so tired

My whole weekend is just back to back to back seeing family so they can see the baby. Had a few beers and got most the laundry done so atleast ill have clean clothes for monday

If I was still in my gaming glory days I’d probably care more. I don’t have enough time to hit the paywall

>There is no systemic racism in this Country; this is a lie told by racists to make themselves feel better about being a racist. Systemic would mean all people are racist, which is absurd by logic and observation. The term is meant to mean that only all white people are racist, which is once again absurd by logic and observation.

>And it uses facial-recognition technology in an effort to prevent users younger than 13 from signing up. >The company also says that it uses machine-learning to scan live streams in an effort to find bad behavior, and scans text messages to look for private information that users might be about to share unwittingly, such as phone numbers ... I have questions about this company

Jfc they really did it. Like the charitable reading here is a retired fbi agent was so fucking racist that he just happened to be hanging out on discord with the guy

Been really liking this show so far. We have reached the third episode and the struggle sessions known as White Nights, from now on its going to get really dark in Jonestown. Please be advised there is a lot of swearing and explicit phrasing. #Jonestown #Psychoanalysis #Healing #Christianity #Lacan #Freud #Communism #Maoism #Conspiracy #CIA #FBI #SIS #Rotary Credits  to Jonestown Education Institute for making research easy. You  can find  transcripts and tens of thousands of original files over at   jonestown.sdsu.edu/ Reading list: The Strongest Poison, by Mark Lane The Jonestown Carnage--A CIA Crime, by S.F. Alinin B.G. Antonov A.N. Itskov A Sympathetic History of Jonestown, by Rebecca Moore Dirty Work - The CIA in Europe, by Philip Agee and Louis Wolf Safe for democracy the secret wars of the CIA, by John Prados Whos Who in CIA, by Julius Mader

>“That’s literally corporate America all in one fucking short sentence,” Coron told me. “Broken meter, broken gauge, nothing on the truck works—it’s your fault.”

Meh I like it. Not everything has to be Mozart

This might be a dumb question but why now? Plastics are a 19th century invention shouldn’t we have been seeing these for a while?

Fascism. The third position is fascism

Eh. We’re on the same page. I’ve probably thought it through a bit more. Neither if us has fought a revolution so its not like I can really call myself one anyways. I don’t think I could be someone that was totally on the other side I just don’t see how thatd work

If I didn’t have grandparents woth the free time to call around to every store we’d be fucked rn

One time my fire escape that was full of paint cans and old carpets caught on fire. None of the alarms went off and we lost everything. Only reason we got out is because a retired firefighter was driving by and ran up 4 flights of stairs to bang on the door. Landlord tried to get us to move into a different building instead of getting our security deposit back

Was so weird how much mainstream hype those things got

Trump said 1 or 200,000 might die and people called him a monster. 5x that now with bipartisan support. I know more people who got covid in the last few weeks than at any other point

Our iww branch had the PayPal account pulled like 8 years ago lol

Idk that’s how I use it too. I post what I read on my lunch break a lot

I use freecad for General 3d modeling… piracy is always an option

Before joining LASD in 2007, he served in the United States Marine Corps as a corporal from 2002 through 2006. Between January 12 and July 31, 2005, he participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Waldron was awarded a Silver Star for his role in the so-called ​​”Father’s Day Massacre” on June 19, 2005, where he personally killed five people, and led his unit to kill 16 more. “He’s a crazy bastard, and he’s awesome at what he does,” one of his company members told a reporter for the Marines. Two years after shooting a fellow deputy in the leg, Waldron was given the “Lifesaving Award” by LASD.

The paper isn’t new but I think it was paywalled before. Hugely consequential conspiracy given where we are now

The Maidan Massacre in Ukraine: Revelations from Trials and Investigation
>The Maidan massacre trials and investigations have revealed various evidence that four killed and several dozen wounded policemen and at least the absolute majority of 49 killed and 157 wounded Maidan protesters were massacred on February 20, 2014 by snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings and areas. Such evidence includes testimonies of the absolute majority of wounded protesters, several dozens of prosecution witnesses, dozens of defense witnesses, and 14 self-admitted members of Maidan snipers groups. ... >The analysis shows cover-up and stonewalling of the investigations and trials by the Maidan governments and the far right. The prosecution denied that there were any snipers in the Maidan-controlled buildings. Not a single person is convicted or under arrest for the massacre of the protesters and the police almost 8 years after one of the most documented mass killings in history.

Decent at tests; terrible at being in a classroom

Get rid of the 10 pages of ?=ahdjrbridisnwbsudhdbdjzisj at the end of every link next