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BLE has a very short communication distance (absolute max range 100m in laboratory conditions). This would make it nearly useless unless you and the person you are communicating with are in the same room—unless EVERYONE used the app to allow mesh communication. Either way, it seems to impractical for it to catch on, sadly.

I’d like to see an open source foundation that designs 3D printable tablet cases, and publishes the files, along with instructions for building open source tablets based off of single board computers (ie Raspberry Pi, Pine, etc) and available existing components (ie touch screens, batteries, etc)—similar to what Zynthian.org has done for musical devices.

That may be the best GNU/Linux summary/explanation I’ve ever heard. 😎👍🏼

It’s good! YouTube “Masha and the Bear”. 🙂

Advocating violence on violent people means you are violent, regardless of the reason.

“Well, I mean, we are on lemmygrad which is a communist (marxist-leninist mostly) Lemmy instance 😬”

Hehe! Fair enough. I’m new (to the whole Fediverse) and hadn’t even subscribed to any groups yet. I think I just saw the OP’s post on the main page because I had “All” instead of “Subscribed”. I know that there is a lot of crap on Reddit (as well as nearly every other social site), and felt that Reddit was being singled out (which I felt was unfair). I don’t think I’m actually on Lemmygrad, but I was able to see the post on the main page. 🙂 I don’t know—I’m just trying to get things figured out. 🙂

Good question. It’s not an easy answer for me. To me, it’s the same if they meet online or in a brick and mortar location. One can radicalize another at either location. I’d say, that one has to draw the line somewhere before it gets too dangerous—before it becomes domestic terrorism. I’d say that should go for all people.

Wow! Thank you for such a long, well thought out comment! I appreciate that you don’t immediately take my comments as an attack, but rather as an attempt on my part to be fair. I admit that I was unaware of those pockets of radicalization in Reddit. I tend to have quite mild subscriptions there for consumption purposes and entertainment.

I tend to stay away from the radical extremes altogether. I recognize that you and Maud’Dibber are pro Communism. I have very moderate (Centrist) views on the conservative/ liberal political scale, which I see that you don’t smile on. My ultimate goal is to see hyper partisanship ended and everyone get along. I know it’s a naive dream, but there it is… 🙂

We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I have seen no evidence that Reddit encourages the hate. No one should be nuked, and hate is unfortunate in any sense, but I see both entities as service providers. Maybe it’s because I don’t like censorship (even if it is someone spewing hate at me). 😐

I’m sorry you feel that way. Some people are unable to accept that not everyone thinks or feels the same as them, and they are unable to have a mature, civil discourse with people who are different. Are you one of those people? I publicly denounce the “Nuke China” hate posts. My argument is not about the post itself that @Maud’Dibber posted, which I agree is vile. My problem is that Reddit is being singled out and called a hate site because some users on the site promote hate. There are people that promote hate on every site—jerks are everywhere. That’s like saying McDonalds’ food chain is a hate restaurant because some vile people happen to eat their food.

I’m not for saber rattling either, but you sarcastically said that Reddit is not a hate site—meaning you believe it is a hate site. By your own standard (constant upvoted antagonistic comments toward China), nearly all social platforms would be similarly categorized—even Lemmy. So, what is it that makes you hate Reddit more than other sites that experience the exact same thing? I’m trying to understand hate for Reddit, and your lack of hate for other sites that have the same type of people. Look, it’s simple—no matter where you go, you will have people that think differently than you, and yes—many will be hateful. That’s the sad unfortunate truth. I like the Fediverse and its philosophy, and I like what Lemmy is working to achieve in an open source way. But you are going to find hate here too. It is inescapable. But I’m not going to try to blame Lemmy as a platform because of the actions of some people that frequent the site. Neither Lemmy nor Reddit (nor any of the other sites) “Promote” the hate. There is no promotion of hate in the Terms and Conditions. You’ve never heard the site owner promote hate. It is inaccurate to call Reddit a Hate site. Singling out a single site, while ignoring the fact that the same behavior occurs at almost every other site is disingenuous and possibly hypocritical. Sheesh! Why am I having to defend Reddit, here of all places?! I just call’em as I see’em.

By your standard, so is everything else. I’ve seen similar posts on Mastodon, Facebook Twitter, Lemmy, etc. It would be closer to the truth to say that Moderators are human and don’t catch everything, rather than attacking a site for a user’s comments. It does more to show your bias against Reddit than to prove your point. I’m not defending Reddit as much as I’m calling out a double standard.