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Some of these add-ons are redundant because of uBlock.

I wish there wasn’t such a heavy tech focus. Common problem with a lot of the alternatives, the early adopters get on but they only want to talk about tech!

Forcing employees to work any number of hours

Full stop. What is the point of all this automation if it doesn’t make our lives better? 40 hours 5 days a week is no way to live life.

I don’t personally have an opinion on this but some Chicagoans have very strong opinions one way or the other:

“Dibs” refers to the practice of holding a shoveled-out parking space after a heavy snowfall by putting chairs, laundry baskets, or other items in the street to mark the claimed space.

I hate leaf blowers.

  • Gas leaf blowers should be banned.
  • Leaf blowers should be banned.
  • Noise should be banned.

Blowing leaves is the most Sisyphean suburban American homeowner false task imaginable.

I only host some of these right now, but this is a listing of some of the technologies I’d like to get into. awesome selfhosted has a good list.

Service/app/utility What I use it for
Nextcloud Private file sharing
Plex Private media server for me, friends, and family
IPFS node Earn crypto with filecoin while contributing to a good project
Matrix So I can have my identity at my own domain
Multiple webservers Host my own low traffic personal websites
Open directory Just to say that I host an open directory
Home assistant Private home automation
Pi-Hole ad blocking and network protection
Unifi controller homelab network infrastructure
PFsense homelab network infrastructure
[Photo sharing service to replace Google photos] Photo backup service to replace Google photos for friends and family
Torrent server (deluge) Download Linux ISOs
headphones, music brainz, etc For my self hosted music platform
Searx Private search
Archive team downloader instance To help with the archival projects
Discourse Forum Private Forum for long form discussion with friends
Lemmy instance Just doing my part
Calibre server For a self hosted, private ebook ecosystem
onion websites for fun and homelab experience
gemini server For hosting content in Gemini
Gemini http proxy Similar to mozz proxy
TrueNAS The main file store
Zoneminder For the IP cams
LBRY For the experience of doing it
Bitwarden Self hosted password manager
VPN vpn

My tongue in cheek way of saying Lake Michigan

Oh there’s so many

  • Giant fresh water ocean
  • Low CoL for a city
  • Most convenient airport (in the world)
  • Architecture If I had to pick one thing I guess it’d be the CoL to arts and culture ratio.

I got tired of seeing clickbaity thumbnails and wondered if I would be happier without them at all. I added `ytimg.com` to my blacklist as a wildcard about a month ago and I've found that I use the website more *deliberately* than before. And it works on the YouTube app for Android and my smart TV! If you don't want to block it for every device on the network you can add it to the Group Management lists as well.