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Ok, I already know what’s going on, steps to reproduce (on the example of removing a post):

  1. open two browsers and open console
  2. on the browser a go to your own topic
  3. in the browser b go to the home page
  4. on the browser a delete/restore your topic
  5. the browser b shows console log
  6. Refresh the browser a - f5

7.delete/restore the topic again, console log in the browser b not showing up <----

It looks like it only handle events if I connected as first


unfortunately live-updating comments and threads still not working https://lemmy.ml/post/39267

The private messages should be working now.

Yep, works now

in version 7.53, when I added a new post from my phone, in the browser on the desktop (even in incognito mode) I received a notification and an automatic entry appeared on the website.

Now it has stopped working, to see new posts I have to refresh the page - f5.

“live-updating comment threads” - not anymore

also something wrong with private message (can’t send message)

Live update and notification box not working anymore (after last update)

Before 0.7.54, after adding a new post, the page was automatically refreshed and a notification box was displayed…