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/c/fermentation for fermenting, anything from beer to Sauerkraut

This community has been around for a month but I wanted to get a few posts onto it before sharing!..

I have added the cider post to the sidebar for hooching.

I have added some guidelines as rules. These were largely being self enforced by voting, but I thought I’d make it clear. I have retroactively deleted my own posts that did not conform to this guide.

How do I mod a community?

I haven’t been able to find anything in the docs and it’s not self evident to me

e: I guess I’m asking, can I delete other peoples posts? I see both sides; it would be good to enforce community rules, don’t want to be like reddit

Fermentation is allowing friendly bacteria and yeasts to eat away at your foods, not only does this help keep them fresh but gives them a unique taste. Fermenting carrots may sound a little uninspiring, but it’s easy and I believe it is something anyone can do and be suitably surprised at how it turns out!

This is my ferment, day 1, I hope to see others join in and give something new a try :)

e: I haven’t given precise amounts for anything because I want it to be a versatile recipe; quantity, flavor, whim. For anyone wondering approximate amounts, I did a fairly small batch; 5g salt, ~250 ml water (left over in the kettle from yesterday), 3 medium carrots, 3 cloves garlic, in a ~4-500 ml jar.

I’m using freeOTP, on one device with a backup file on an encrypted drive, not sure if it’s an out of date choice though…

cloudflair and wordpress though. I couldn’t see a slider or another way of voting (firefox, privacy badger, useragent; firefox, windows).

It’s really going to come down to classism. The rich can afford to eat meat in China; the wet markets are a sign of status and money. As the Chinese middle class grows they will begin eating more meat. What it will take is promoting the idea that rich westerners eat a vegetarian diet and somehow conveying the upper class is associated with veganism. imo

Googles summer of code was awesome this year, they included a couple of MD programs that I would have loved to play with. In the southern hemisphere though so it would have crossed over with school (and two other projects). Google is surprisingly really into open source

I just set up a 4 USB raid 0 array with luks. Not sure what I’m going to do with it, start a cryptocurrency tontine?