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so higher radiation doses for longer. Yeah, that could work.

If he doesn’t will he rid the earth of, umm, him?

I use nextcloud (and DavX for syncing with Android, I dunno about iOS.) I use Thundebird as the front end on the PC

are y’all getting a stream from OpenCollective? That’s where I donated. But I’ll throw down more for server too

set up a VM with 16GB ram. Problem solved

ahh, nm. as it was running I decided to watch top. I’m on a VM with 4GB ram, which ran out. I’ve got a fat server in the home lab that I can set something up on (I just had a spare VM floating out there so I used it.)

[SOLVED] Trying to set up a development/test instance

looks like the build of diesel failed. I’m using a fresh install of Ubuntu 20.04. Which Ubuntu release are y’all using?..

I believe that open source, federated, social applications are the only viable future of the internet. Without your support places like Lemmy will cease to exist. If you can, please contribute. …

Spez Classic

I just learned he’s from Warrenton, VA. This explains so much. Poor turd never stood a chance, being born in the bottom of the bowl like that and all.

Also this

He is on the board of advisors for the Anti-Defamation League’s Center for Technology and Society.

Huffman is a ballroom dancer.


hmm, I wonder what kind of cool info I can get running filebeat into an elk stack for my mail directory. If the mail spool is a log, then use log analysis tools on it.

This is great!!!

Are you the author/artist?

YOU CAN EDIT THE TITLES HERE!!!! I think.... Yes, yes you can

The dumbest thing reddit never had…

Yeah, we got specifically mentioned in their screed “Though smaller, r/ChapoTrapHouse was banned for similar reasons: They consistently host rule-breaking content and their mods have demonstrated no intention of reining in their community.”