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Playing with the federated test instances..

I’m still trying to figure out how federation works in practice so bear with me. On enterprise, if I go to communities and click “main@voyager.lemmy.ml” (here) shouldn’t I see all of the same posts that I see on https://voyager.lemmy.ml/c/main ? I’m thinki…

I’ve also always wanted a tag based aggregator for all the reasons you mentioned, but the platform I imagined was without subreddits/communities. I’m having trouble understanding what purpose communities would serve in your version. What would be the functional difference between /c/politics and #politics? What would be the difference between joining /c/linux and just following #linux?

Ah! Should have looked a little closer :) Thanks again! I guess the Matrix chat would be a good place for future questions related to development?

Thanks! It looks like many basic features have been implemented, though. How do I play with them? I’m a fairly technical hobbyist programmer but have only just heard of Federation, ActivityPub etc. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious!

So I've set up a local Lemmy instance.. now how do I actually connect it to the rest of the Fediverse?

Maybe I’m blind but I don’t see this in the docs anywhere. How do I let my server communicate with other servers? And where do I find those servers? …