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Thanks for all your info. Greatly appreciated.

Tagging question - Android App

I have tried tagging users using @, for example @clag and/or @u/clag and also communities with ! for example !pagan but I am not seeing the tag work or link. Forgive my ignorance but what am I doing wrong? …

Yes, a pity. Thanks for commenting and welcome to the !pagan community, @seahorse

A reconstructionist! Please share your progress and work, I find it fascinating. I have a little experience with Ogham and it’s use in ‘tagging’ in Celtic history. Very rudimentary, however.

Welcome @tskaalgard and thank you for your comment. !pagan is definitely a fascist free zone.

Welcome All

I will develop this community further in future, for now, come in, take a rest and have a chat. Leave all bigotry and intolerance at the door. …


What are the best Privacy, Social Media, documentaries or films?

Watched The Social Dilemma and now I have to get my fill. …