Spiritual Scientists
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I will develop this community further in future, for now, come in, take a rest and have a chat. Leave all bigotry and intolerance at the door. …


It is nice to have a nazi-free environment to talk about these things.

I’m SO TIRED of nazis co-opting (especially germanic) mythologies for their own ends. It’s very nice to have a nazi-free place like this!..

Hey everyone. This is very much a work in progress, and also isn’t meant to be taken too seriously, but I’ve been working on a reconstruction of some pre-christian English traditions that have been lost over time. So far I don’t have a whole lot posted, but I will post more here as this project de…

Spiritual Scientists

    A place for like-minded folks to discuss their own forms of paganism. This community supports scientific advances as well as pagan spiritualism. We know lavender is great in a bath to relax you, but we also know that it won’t prevent measles, that’s what vaccines are for.


    1. Be excellent to each other

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