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I have been using minion. I’ve went as far as deleting previous addons and reinstall just votans minimap. While I don’t get any errora anymore, none of the addons or libraries are listed.

Does it matter that I am running on steam Linux?

What addons currently work?
It's been a few years and Votan's minimap is popping out lua errors.

Promote it from the outside? I imagine you want to reach out to community groups outside and convince them with quality posts and discourse.

TIL of the PH Shortchanging act.
Unsure of how enforceable this is but the more you know, the better.

Alternatively, you can also purchase last year’s flagship model.

Felled 💀
Filipinos discover the word, Felled.

This wasn't appreciated in the PH subreddit so I thought someone might enjoy it here.

The Philippines is a rich country.
It can afford expensive politicians.