Why c/Philippines will be the new safe haven
Ever since r/Philippines ([source]( was turned into a Filipino Facebook spinoff, I found this Lemmy community about my country. This is not what we want to copy Filipino Facebook.

Bantag was looking for Yamashita treasure in Bilibid, says Remulla.
This sounds fabricated just to weaken the accused's credibility in a court of public opinion. Doesn't sound very professional to me.

PH police start visiting journalists in their private residences after Percy Lapid killing.
What a terrible day to be a journalist. What a traversty for Privacy in the Philippines.

Quite ironic. Once again, the PH tests the effectiveness of their justice system when son of the DoJ haa been caught in a controlled delivery operation picking up one kilo of Kush. The DoJ secretary and his brother, current Governor of Cavite, claim they will not use their power to protect the accused.

Marcos signs SIM registration law
After 100 days into his presidency, Marcos signs a law for the first time. However, privacy advocates question the details of the law and fear that it may be used to hunt down critics of his administration.

TIL of the PH Shortchanging act.
Unsure of how enforceable this is but the more you know, the better.

University of the Philippines' Office of the Student Regent on Twitter: "NO CLASSES UNDER A MARCOS PRESIDENCY. UP STUDENTS, WALK OUT!"
Edited Update: Several of the country's biggest universities' student governments have also been calling for the suspension of classes in protest of the Marcos-Duterte presidency: - [De La Salle University]( (and it's sister college, [Benilde]( - [Far Eastern University]( - [University of Santo Tomas]( - [Ateneo de Manila University]( - [Polytechnic University of the Philippines]( Many of them are organizing to protest at the Commission of Election headquarters in Manila. Not sharing photos, some protesters unmasked.

*The Canadian whistle-blower says Strategic Communication Laboratories, Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, found the Philippines an ideal target and used proxies here* > Questionable rule of law, high social media usage, and corrupt politicians. These 3 conditions, according to Cambridge Analytica (CA) whistle-blower Christopher Wylie, made countries like the Philippines a perfect place to test their techniques and technology. >“It creates an ideal petri dish type situation,” Wylie added, “where you can experiment on tactics and techniques that you wouldn’t be able to as easily in the West…and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter, you won’t get caught. And if it does work, then you can then figure out how to port that into other countries."


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