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I’m trying it in Android and it’s like ok. It’s cool because it interested other ai like dall-e but there’s ads, etc. I’m wondering when I’m going to get sponsored results, lol.

In another thread I mention that I was thinkingabout using Fedora with steam installed which is basically what steamos is. I think I’m settled on fedora, but my new PC plans are on hold. Might get a steam deck or meta quest, idk.

I’m in the same boat, but I was told it’s just better to run Fedora and add the steam shit to it and will effectively be the same thing.

Looks good, what’s in it?

I tried finding it on my computer and it wanted me to install edge, but on Android it is it’s own app. I’d like to use the coding support, but don’t want to use edge.

I’m using pop os, but it I build a new PC I might switch to fedora or steamos

I’m here. Veganning every day!

Perfect. Thank you!

Sweet! Thank you!

Does Lemmy have any rss support?

People love to nitpick Firefox.

I stopped using windows in early 2000s. Switched to Mac, now I’m using Linux personally and still use Mac for work. But I’ll check it this article to see what people are into.

Edit: looks like windows 10 isn’t a traditional desktop like os and users don’t want to be forced to upgrade their systems to use the newer os.

This was badass. Not what I was expecting.

Billionaire Island 2 from Ahoy Comics by Mark Russell and Steve Pugh
![](https://dev.lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/Jdepf2mQzL.jpg) Read this the other night. Imagine if Jeff Bezos had his own man made island where you can escape the shit show that it’s the world and love/vacation on billionaire island if you have more than a billion in your bank account. It was a fantastic read!

That’s super vague. So are your talking about him saying Jeffery Epstein victims are willing participants? Yeah that’s pretty fucked up. Did not know and that.

Ah yeah, those are cool too.

Never heard of moka pot, but I hear the depression makes it bitter.

I’ve been drinking yerba matte for the past month. But I have an auto drip coffee maker that does an initial brew for 20ish seconds, let’s the coffee bloom, then brews the rest. I buy local roasted coffee and grind it at home.___

Thank you for the response. It looks fun and exciting. I do remember seeing that on Reddit and was pretty pumped to see the_donald get the heave ho, too bad Chapo got lumped in. Fuck Reddit. I’m sick of Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I’m glad to see these new instances and I already signed up over there when the hopes I wasn’t get roped into a hate group. Fool me twice, can’t be fooled again.

So this used to me a subreddit from what I read. Why isn’t it still there?

Thanks for the references. Oss is real important. I’ll look up to see if it has a good testing suite.

I have some time coming up to learn about go. I really want to learn both, but that burnt me last time when learning Java and c#/c.

Cool. I’m new to Lemmy so what’s the best way to interact if I’ve already signed up through lemmy.ml

Why did lemmy chose rust vs go?
This year I wanted to learn either rust or go. Go is used more where I work, but I know of more fun oss uses rust.