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I’m glad to announce v0.2.0 release! …

Wow! How can I get such a footprints in my games?

The project is great. I tried to apply it at my work, but failed, becasue the project does not supports intremental (partially) parsing.

proper wording to be used to be not banned on Twitter :)

proper wording example

That sounds good in theory, but what is the standard of checking the proofs?

The same way as it is done on the judges: keep silence, and let all parties say their agruments, without pressure, interruptions, muting etc. And then, try to evaluate them, find lies or untold things etc.

Actually, there was an attempt to make such an open discussion in UN Security Council, but it was banned by GB.

Also since Russia uses lying as a primary political tool, how can we trust anything they say?

Exactly the same I can tell about West? I’m Belarusian, and I’m an eyewitness of August 2020 events in my country, and I know how the events were highlighted in western media. If there is no open discussions, ane everybody just attributes to oppenents as “liars”, that actually means, that parties are not interested in listening to others, and find some kind of truth.

The proofs should be checked from the propaganda of the both involved parties: Russian and the West.

That’s actually China’s position, afaik.

The first it have to be proven, that Russians are slaughters. They state, that they leave city (almost) without civil victims:


The situation can be simialar to Assad’s chemical attack on Douma, Syria, which a few years(!) later was proven that the attack was staged by Western media and “White helmets”.

Shouldn’t it declare war first or operation on the foreign territory?

Russia has positive expirience in having own linux distos forks (Rosa, Alt, …), that’s why I thought they’ll also pick up some fork and will maintain it.

I wouder why Russian companies tries to use alternatives to google like Harmony OS which are not ready for usage in Smartphones, instead of trying ungoogle Android OSes like cyagenomod / lineage or even Postmarket OS…

VB has nice gui-manager out of the box, where it is possible to configure all things I need, from hardware to nat. I didn’t met similar frontend for qemu in the past.

Nice app, thank you. Will try to use via f-droid :)

does it requies registration and api key?

same for me.

Is there any f-droind weather app without any “api key” ?

qtcreator is nice one. I use it for my daily c++ and perl coding.

Rust kinda sucks for writting windows guis.

Of course it sucks, as rusts borrow cheker is intrusive and programmatic, whilst in C references to entities are mxied (i.e. sometimes caller owns, sometime framework etc.) and conventional (i.e. you have to read docs in API to know what you can/should do with a reference).

I consider rusts intrusivness is a weak point, and it’s programmatic checking of ownership is strong point.

So, if you have a mixture of two worlds (C and Rust), it might be a pain to have such an achitecture. For simple cases, of course, there are no big issues, but things like GUI are not simple things, that’s why Rust is still not here, IMHO.

Oh, yes, it definitely makes things easy for pony-developers.

But it also, likely, means “no thread API, sorry. We’ll manage threads for you, in form of actors”.

Usually, actors are light-weght entities, and it is possible to spawn millions of them, literally. In “every actor is a thread” design, that is not true.

PS. I’m author of C++ actor framework named rotor, and there actors and threads are “orthogonal”

react, vue, svelte

This ones not programming languages, they are JS-libraries.