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Firefox does some nasty stuff too. One could argue every major modern browser does, and sadly it’s almost true. However some like Brave (has done bad stuff in the past) and Ungoogled Chromium seem more trustworthy. Read: https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/firefox.html

replying to the 1st point: it seems to me that you don’t really know the anarcho-capitalist movement. We DO NOT embrace anarchism and we all think the “anarcho-capitalism” term is bad, but it’s simply the one everyone else uses to refer to us, and the one Murray Rothbard (sadly) came up with. We are against the existence of the State, but this does not makes us anarchists and we don’t claim so.

How was I disrespectful? I am also curious about your definition of anarchism. To make things clear, I don’t consider myself an anarchist and the label “anarcho-capitalism” is terrible, but it’s what there is.

(an anarcho-capitalist’s point of view) It doesn’t make sense trying to attach the hacker culture to a particular movement. While you anarchists are surely involved in things like the FOSS movement, it is not fair to say you are the only ones. There’s a lot of people ranging from far right to far left. And believe me, many people from the right, including me, also hate those huge tech corporations. However, this whole discussion about politics is pointless. We are living in a dark age of the internet, and this divides us. The hacker community must unite if we are ever going to deliver the world from absolute centralization.