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As an update, I’m back online on cable internet instead of fiber. I still need to get our fiber fixed but paying a different provider to get us online in the meantime made some amount of sense. should work now

If you want all the code required to build pict-rs I can try getting it all working on this evening

Yup, my internet is down. A fiber line in our neighbor’s attic was broken (assuming an animal chewed through it). We’re trying to get back online but it’s taking some time. So far we’ve been offline for around 87 hours :/

There’s no date on the article posted, but the one it references is from February 2018

I love the rock64s! I have a number that I do self-hosting on :3

Real excited for the Quartz64 model B too 👀

For those who don’t know, it’s Rust

I also do a lot of JS and Ruby at work, though

also, since you’re running this on elementary OS, I’m assuming that’s your personal computer. are you able to access jellyfin from other computers on your local network?

I have a few questions, being familiar with self hosting but not with jellyfin specifically

what ports does jellyfin expose? what IP does it have? what ports did you forward? how did you forward them? what IP did you forward them to? how are you telling your friends to connect?

I went through this process the other day on my pinebook pro with manjaro, a few tweaks were required to get it working, but I’m happy with the result!

Some general notes: I feel like blocking operations are faster now with tokio’s spawn_blocking underneath than before when it was actix-threadpool. I don’t have any benchmarks to demonstrate this, but I think I noticed an improvement when uploading files with actix-form-data + actix-fs in pict-rs while testing the upgrade.

I just upgraded a bunch of stuff to actix-web 4.0.0-beta.3

And it went really well. So far the only changes I noticed were the web::block error api (due the the use of tokio’s spawn_blocking now instead of actix-threadpool), the move of Service’s Request from being an associated type to a generic, the move to insert_header and append_header, and the i…

Oops! I lost my postgres

I’m writing this to hopefully get the attention of or to let them know that I lost my database today, which means my gitea (where pict-rs is hosted) is down until I get a new database in place and u…

Anyone use Sway on a pinebook pro?

I’ve had mixed results trying to use Sway on my pinebook pro. Before I reflashed manjaro recently, Sway seemed to run alright, but now I get a perpetual black screen when trying to log into Sway. If I launch it from within my MATE environment it works fine…

i put a bunch of words into a word mixer & picked one that looked cool