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Some general notes: I feel like blocking operations are faster now with tokio’s spawn_blocking underneath than before when it was actix-threadpool. I don’t have any benchmarks to demonstrate this, but I think I noticed an improvement when uploading files with actix-form-data + actix-fs in pict-rs while testing the upgrade.

I just upgraded a bunch of stuff to actix-web 4.0.0-beta.3

And it went really well. So far the only changes I noticed were the web::block error api (due the the use of tokio’s spawn_blocking now instead of actix-threadpool), the move of Service’s Request from being an associated type to a generic, the move to insert_header and append_header, and the i…

Oops! I lost my postgres

I’m writing this to hopefully get the attention of or to let them know that I lost my database today, which means my gitea (where pict-rs is hosted) is down until I get a new database in place and u…

Anyone use Sway on a pinebook pro?

I’ve had mixed results trying to use Sway on my pinebook pro. Before I reflashed manjaro recently, Sway seemed to run alright, but now I get a perpetual black screen when trying to log into Sway. If I launch it from within my MATE environment it works fine…

i put a bunch of words into a word mixer & picked one that looked cool