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Alternatives to Google News?
I got tired of blocking hundreds of far-right sites from my feed, and google insisting i will like the next one. Any alternatives you know?

What needs to be rethinked is the heating systems on first world countries.

USA, Canada, and Europe burned the world down to keep it hot, and now will try to stop the hot countries from using air conditioners?

Those activists need to fix their own house first, and solve the problem with child labor on US.


You mean, the pigs hiding in the catacombs in feat of being send to trials for their nazi war crimes?

Thats is a really good summary, OP.

At first I was waiting for some shit text calling lula a corrupt bourgeois and those PSTU/PSOL bullshit.

I will wait for part 2. congratz.

Meanwhile, China and the communists have food to spare.

Capitalism ia a crime.

You call half a trillion dollar damage a win?

Russia got Donbass, Karkov, a bridge to Crimea, the denazification of the Azov, and is still advancing.

And the cherry on top, they are getting free weapons from the west.

The west will keep quiet.

Imagine what would happen if an Nazi wearing press clothes were killed in Ukraine…

Capitalist propaganda in Tomb Raider
The vilains are Russian and Soviets, and they use cyrilic alphabet wrong, as if it was a dead language and no one would see. Ridiculous, i dont even know if i want to play this shit anymore...