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Which ROM are you using? The only one where microG worked for me was LineageOs with microG, so where microG was baked in. I tried numerus times to get the microg installed with a rooted LOS and finally gave up. I am using my phone since 2 yrs now without Google or microG, so plain LineageOS. All the apps I need work just fine but I use only F-Droid apps with Signal taken directly from theit website.

I have been Reddit user for years, because I found the technical communities there that I liked. Since a couple of weeks I am using Lemmy and didn’t look back. Yes we need more people in the communities, but I already like the content I am able to find here. Reddit is more massive, but there is a lot more thrash there as well. I would like to see projects like LineageOS, Pine etc. moving their presence here.

I have 2 Debian GNU/Linux laptops for me and my family plus our Homeserver. Everything we need for school and private usage is working fine. So for my Linux @ Desktop is here now. Compared to 10 yrs ago when I was the only one, the desktop has come a long way. So I do not get this discussion anymore. If you are talking of GNU/Linux Desktop in major companies as the OS for the masses than I agree. But this is then not a technical but commercial problem.

The good part of Android is it’s use of Linux kernel. Pulling a new kernel made by Google and making a new FLOSS shell upon it makes me wonder what is the point if that? We need a GNU/Linux Distro for our phones which has nothing to the with Google, not some hybrid which in part depends on Google again.

Grüne werden sowieso wahrscheinlich die stärkste Kraft werden, mindestens laut den Umfragen. Dann bleibt nur dafür zu sorgen, dass SPD genug für eine Koalition bekommt …

Is it daily driver quality?

I was a Gnome 2 user back in the day and then used KDE for a while. After some Linux-Desktop-Pause I installed Mint and used Cinnamon for a couple of yrs, so I’ve tested thru the bank. As I switched back to my beloved Debian I tried out the Gnome 3 UI in Buster for the first time. I find the Gnome 3 UI actually refreshing and different. I figured out that I was, after yrs of Linux usage, still trying to think of Linux Desktop in a way that it should be “Windows-like” in appearance. No need for that! People over at Gnome are trying new stuff and this is good! Cinnamon is a great DE, but Gnome 3 doesn’t deserve the bashing it gets.

Anybody using Ubuntu Touch on Oneplus 3t?