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That’s it. You can check this website if you like. https://www.daodejing.org/

The Tao Te Ching is downloaded for reference only. https://www.daodejing.org/download.html

“Tao De Jing” in Chinese and English (Lin Yutang).pdf



很棒的一个星球!A great planet!

这是一个大国应该做的,我很高兴看到我的祖国能帮助其他国家。因为"人类命运共同体",共享同一个地球! This is what a big country should do. I am very happy to see that my motherland can help other countries. Because of the “community of human destiny”, we share the same earth!


第二张图仅仅是十二生肖中的牛(就是说拥有这个硬币的人是属牛的)。和中华人民共和国没有任何关系。 The second picture is only the cow in the Zodiac (that is, the person who owns this coin belongs to the cow). It has nothing to do with the People’s Republic of China.

你说这个是你妈妈送你的礼物,我想是你妈妈送你的幸运符,是保护你的,是你妈妈希望你一生健康,快乐,开心。。。等等。也就是你妈妈对你的爱! You said that this is a gift from your mother. I think it is a lucky charm from your mother. It protects you. It is your mother who wants you to be healthy, happy and happy throughout your life. . . and many more. That is your mother’s love for you!

很高兴能帮你。Glad to help you.

这个对我个人来说仅仅是民间的玩物,没有什么意义。但对某些人来说也许是记念品,护身符。因人而异。因为每个人的喜好不同,有些人信神信佛,有些人则是无神论者。 This is just a folk plaything for me personally, and it has no meaning. But for some people it may be a souvenir, amulet. It varies from person to person. Because everyone’s preferences are different, some people believe in God and Buddha, and some people are atheists.

你说的多少岁,我无法回答你,但可能是上图划线的年份出生的。 I can’t answer you how old you said, but it may be born in the year underlined in the picture above.


The picture below is what ancient people used to keep time, which is what modern people call a clock.

参考下图,牛年出生的人可能是1901,1913,1925,1937,1949,1961,1973 ……

如果你知道他(她)的出生年份你就可以知道他们的属相(十二生肖) Refer to the picture below, people born in the year of the ox may be 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973…

If you know his (her) birth year, you can know their zodiac signs (Chinese Zodiac)



圆形是 太极八卦图

第二图 牛 nu 指的是十二生肖中的牛。


The 12 Chinese characters above were used to express time in ancient China. Twelve o’clock, which is 24 hours. One word is equivalent to two hours now.

The circle is the Tai Chi Bagua diagram

In the second picture, ox nu refers to the ox in the Chinese zodiac.

This is not currency, it is equivalent to game currency, artwork. I guess people who believe in Buddha and God will need it.

补充一下:2021年在中国是牛年。 To add: 2021 is the Year of the Ox in China.

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Cannabis and all its drugs are illegal in China, are never allowed to exist, and are never allowed to be grown. Don’t be blinded by the so-called fake news, because they have never been to China. If you want to understand the real China, you might as well ask your friends in China, they will tell you what China is. Kind of. No country in this world is perfect. seeing is believing. 大麻及其所有毒品在中国是犯法的,是绝不允许存在的,并且是绝不允许种植的。不要被所谓的假新闻蒙蔽了双眼,因为它们根本就没有去过中国,如果你想了解真实的中国,不妨去问问你身边在中国的朋友,他(她)们会告诉你中国到底是什么样的。这个世界上没有任何一个国家是完美的。眼见为实。

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There are people who eat dog meat in any country unless they do not eat meat (any animal).

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