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Whatever it is, I hope they solve it ; genuinely. After an old homie of mine was kind enough to educate me on the importance of erowid as a website, I sorta became that guy at the circle who’d try and talk about knowing what it is you’re putting inside yourself, how to enjoy safely, and what it’ll do to you when it kicks in. Why I’m here like ‘I’m glad I was asleep’-- because I’d have felt like shit about bawling them out come now had I been awake.

I’m kinda glad I was asleep for that to start going off; because inebriated or not, I think I’d have had to get in his ass for a comment chain about it. I’m zooted like every time I scroll lemmygrad, and I’d like to think that(unless anger’s taken over my fingers before my brain has a chance to reason and rationalize) I’m more or less measured out enough to post and actually discuss.

100%; he was probably my first anime crush growing up.

Is that what a walkable city looks like? I want to live in one.

They may as well paint that one Italian fash quote on the back of the shirt at this point. That quote Melania thought it was a good idea to wear.

And this is why we don’t doxx hammond the hamster

100% Orwell only considered straight white men to be workers. Lines up for the kind of snitch he was, tbh.

Unbelievably based. I pray a day comes where the opportunity to sell America the whole bloody fuck out to Cuba lands in my lap; 'cause I’d do it in a heartbeat.

This site keeps throwing up 403s for me, and I’m not turning off my VPN for anybody. Any mirrors to this piece?

I see shit like this and just think ‘man, if my man falls through and I wind up single again, I’m probs better off staying that way because the gender wars have gotten too toxic to hand out trust like that’.

It is a smidgen of an oversight that there wasn’t a redirect, though. That’d be the first thing I’d have thought of as far as ‘what kind of exploitable trollshittery could be performed’.

What absolute saps my faith in humanity is that multiple someones paid some form of currency to give this garbage awards.

I see the portrayal of Calvin Candie in Django Unchained was downright conservative in how these fuckers actually were, jesus fuck.

About as paper-thin as a BLU Spy’s disguise kit.

If you turn off the lights in your bathroom and chant “Fidel Castro” three times to your mirror, a Trot will turn up in it and try to explain to you why Stalin is the devil and has no redeeming qualities

Maybe don't be an archetypal settler going to bat for other settlers, and you won't get metaphorically rolled in a sweet and smoked. I don't know a _single_ working class programmer except my professors; I don't wanna hear you weeping your plainly-obvious crocodile tears when you could easily pick up a six figure job _tomorrow._ EDIT: I'm given to understand nutomic's German, if that can be trusted-- and _I do not care._ The nature of the FOSSbro space has made American colonial mentality into a global brainrot; and I will continue flagging those who display it as settlers. Because it's not just a physical attribute, _but a mental one too._ God bless.

The White Socialist Left: Seeing a Bleak Future for ‘Black and White Unite and Fight’ | Black Agenda Report
cross-posted from: > When I drag white 'leftists' for for having the nerve to "we don't have a race problem, we just have a class problem", I'm dragging them because this shit goes back as far as O'hare and _Debs._ > > Yes. Our nation _does_ have a race problem, and it's _just as big_ as the class problem.

Black Alliance for Peace Condemns Renewal of the UN Mission to Haiti (BINUH) | Black Agenda Report
cross-posted from: > Where the American mentality goes, despair and calamity inevitably follow. The American neocolonial project _must_ end.

"Anarchists are communists" now? I've never once recognized this, and I'm still kinda questioning why r/sls is so intent on playing protectionist over [people the FBI made specifically to be wreckers.]( Idgi, but it frankly sickens me.

On African Liberation Day Biden’s Troop Deployment to Somalia Confirms Africa is Not Free | Black Agenda Report
From the article: > _The reintroduction of the U.S. military (AFRICOM ) on the ground is related to a dispute between Somalia and the U.S. oil company, Coastline Exploration Ltd, over the validity of an oil exploration agreement. It is also a signal that the U.S. wants to both reassert its presence in the oil-rich and strategic region, and to directly target its long-time foe, Eritrea._ Liberals will try to make it sound like we're "squalling" about a "piddly number of troops"-- make no mistake; this is about what America has _always_ been raping and pillaging Africa for. _Resource theft._

Obama and Liberals Killed Abortion Rights | Black Agenda Report
For use in the event that a liberal tries to tell you it's _our_ fault none of their majorities since Obama, who _ran on the codification of the Freedom of Choice Act._

Honestly, I'm grateful no one seems to be doing anything about climate change-- we all deserve the furnace at the end of this 30 year stretch if _this_ is the kind of misleadership we have to 'look forward to' out of the Black Democratic voter base.

Sing it with me: _she won the popular._ But acknowledging that would mean the democrat party would have to give up their favorite cudgel.

Democrats out cracking the whip over aggrieved vote entitlement; what *else* is new?

A sobering vid. I rather like his concept of "cessation of participation". I constantly wonder what it will take to see a mass reorientation of mentalities. Will it be the first Blue Ocean Event that convinces Westerners that our way of life is killing the world? Or do we have to lose every city from Sacramento to Olympia to a 24 hour wildfire first? Whatever it takes, I just know we won't move until overt tragedy lands on us.

Biden Kills the Demand to Defund Police | Black Agenda Report
Imagine thinking Mr. Crime Bill 1994, best friend and jock-polisher to Strom Thurmond, was *ever* going to do anything about the epidemic of killer cops America is facing except strengthen and embolden them...

Laboring Beyond Black Representation | Black Agenda Report
We really need reminding sometimes that skinfolk ain't always kinfolk; and that the striving misleader class is, has always been, and always will be subordinate to white capital. Big ups to Chris Smalls, and may the union spread from coast to coast.

Ukraine: War and the Challenge of Human Rights in the United States and Beyond | Black Agenda Report
> _The U.S. justifies wars of aggression in the name of human rights. The term has no meaning domestically either, as the people's needs are subordinated to those of the ruling class._