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KI do not trust the development team. Someone will sabotage my favorite add-on and stop it from working if I list it.

“,” is next to “m” on the keyboard. I’ll let you guess.

It’s rando,m. It’s what the internet was in the late 90’s.

If God is calling his fiercest warriors home, why is he picking the most uneducated ones? Doesn’t he want more intelligent warriors?

All the dictionary definitions of these words use Base-10 references. You need to rewrite the definitions and have them accepted into the human language globally if you want something that disregards Base-10. Personally, I think “Dozenal” sounds uneducated. The wikipedia redirects to Duodecimal. I am inclined to believe Base-12 does have many advantages over Base-10.

I feel that once the data is out there, you can’t put it back in the bag.

Many years ago my dad had bought a Windows 95 computer for his business and didn’t know how to use it. I was tasked with learning how to use it and I did. I started tweaking the settings and assigning custom .wav files to all the events. I chose “Simpsons” related .wav files for most of the events. If you clicked on a Start Menu item, you’d hear Homer Simpson say “Doh!”.

I wanted to know if background programs were starting so I assigned a wav. file to that event.

One day, my dad was using his Windows 3.1 computer and trying to get a programmer to simplify some task on 3.1. The programmer tells my dad “Some things just can’t be done.” My dad says “Why?”. The programmer just wanted my dad to drop the request. He replied, “Sometimes computers are just stupid.”

At the exact moment he said that, a hidden program started running in the background on the adjacent Windows 95 computer. The event triggered a .wav file to play. The Windows 95 computer “speaks” and says “Kiss my hairy yellow butt.”

It interrupts the conversation my dad is having and they both turn and stare at the computer.

In some cases, computers don’t like being insulted and they don’t like foul language.

Many people know and are concerned, but feel helpless to stop it or guard against it.

It would vary by circumstance. Which is a worse scenario? You defending your privacy and security against a billion other people, or a billion other people defending their security against you? Who has the better odds of survival?

Stressful times. I’ve worked through the pandemic and over a dozen people I worked close with caught Covid & had to be quarantined. Somehow, none of them spread it to me. Sometimes I envy the unemployed.

Youtube is owned by Google. Google takes creepiness to the highest level. They want your phone number so they can associate any data they collect to you personally. It helps them stalk you. They are pathological stalkers. They collect info you search for in their search engine. They collect info from the sites you visit with the adsense scripts they have scattered on websites all over the internet. They give websites ad scripts so the site can be paid to display ads. They can track you across the web through those ad scripts. They close the loop with the Chrome Browser. It lets them grab info on anything you do and they make it difficult to stop them from collecting the data. Not only that, the HTTPS protocol provides a higher integrity to the data they collect and attribute to you. I will not give any websites my phone number. There is no situation online where giving out more personal info about yourself makes your online activities more secure. None.

Why use passwords which have no monetary value? They can get your phone number and sell any data they associate to you. Personally, I’ll stick with passwords.

It doesn’t matter what the niche is. What matters is where you spend your time. If you are posting regularly on Mastodon, you aren’t on Facebook. That means they can’t show you ads and they can’t charge premium rates for advertising. They would logically deem any social media site as competition, even Twitter.

I would say that’s a misconception.

I was locked out of Facebook after posting cover images of comic books in a group dedicated to comic books. It was relevant content that people in the group wanted to see. There was nothing political in my posts. I’m sure I was targeted because I didn’t follow people or encourage followers. I was blocking certain annoying elements of the site with security plugins. Facebook deemed me to be a bot and made me answer about 6 Captchas in a row to prove I’m not. After successful completion, they locked me out of the site.

Facebook is about collecting info on it’s users and manipulating them based up upon the info collected. Since they had no personal info on me (not even my real name), they fabricated false info about me. After being locked out of my account, I downloaded the info they did have on me. It was all fictitious data so they could sell info to advertisers. They are frauds. Scum of the Earth. They are pathological stalkers online and I feel their activities should be deemed criminal.

Facebook censors by withholding content so you see can’t see it and blocking your posts so that others don’t see them. They profile users psychologically and they know whether their users are more likely to click an ad with a red background or a blue background.

Twitter is no better. Twitter accused me of being a bot after I went into the settings and unchecked all the topics they had me flagged as being interested in. The only difference is that I sent an message to Twitter cussing them out. They apologized and restored access to my account.

I hate to break the news to you, but a “dozen” is defined as a “group of 12” which is also a reference to Base-10. You might need to come up with a new word that doesn’t reference Base-10. The inherent problem with switching to Base-12 is that we only have 10 fingers. If you switch to Base-12, 90% of the Earths population is going to be too stupid to count to 12. If we weren’t wearing shoes, I think people could figure out how to count to 20, but Base-20 would not have as many advantages as Base-12.

We’re talking 2 different things. Satellites are stationary. The movement would be to target something on the ground. That can be done with servo motors (electro-magnetic). No mass has to be ejected for that.

Strange. I wasn’t able to get my 2nd shot without proof of my first shot. Data is still being reviewed in the U.S. as to whether a third shot is recommended and how much if so.

If they censor enough people, those users will stop using their account. It takes a certain critical mass of users to perpetuate interaction. If they run off enough active users, the site will start to implode like Myspace did.

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