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I come from Germany and it’s a mystery to me too. What I can tell you is that school is 100% not it. IT is heavily neglected in schools because there are barely any teachers who can use computers properly. School IT is also very Microsoft centric here. The closest thing to programming I had in school was writing VBA Macros in MS Excel, which didn’t go beyond basic for loops. This was also in the last year of school and only for students who picked the technical/mathematical branch.

I heard from friends at other schools that they had better IT education, but still not great.

Yes but no. If you have your own server and all necessary bridges installed it would mostly work fine. The problem is this requires quite a bit of server hosting experience which most “normal” people don’t have. Another option would be using bridges hosted by others, but this is problematic in my opinion because you share private information about your contacts with a third party without their consent or knowledge

Is it? I have never used Cloudflare so I don’t know their exact feature set, but most of Cloudflares useful features require them to be able to act as your website (to display a 5xx error when your server is down, the “checking your browser” message, caching, compression, etc.). Most people use Cloudflare for those features (and they use it for easy https, which is kinda stupid since client<->cloudflare will be encrypted, but cloudflare<->server likely still goes through the internet over plain http).

Everyone talking about notes and reminders. Another aspect of organizing life (to me) is organizing all the documents I accumulate over the years. I run paperless-ng in my home network. Every physical letter I receive is immediately scanned and added to paperless, which then OCRs it for easy text search. It automatically tries to find out the date, who the correspondent is (you can set detection patterns or let it learn), and you can give tags to documents (which can also be auto-added by simple patterns or learning). After scanning a document I can put it in a binder (if it’s worth keeping), and paperless stores the page number of it. When the binder is full, I use a new binder and continue the page count. I can find any document within seconds, no more searching through piles of paper for hours. Of course it also handles any digital documents I find important and it can also monitor E-Mail Accounts for attachments to automatically ingest. I believe everyone should use this or similar software

A label printer. I put a label on every drawer and every jar with self made marmalade, it’s very useful to keep stuff organized

Maybe it’s faulty RAM? I think the Ubuntu boot menu allows running a memtest. Or maybe it’s an overheating issue

Did it work before? Does it happen every single time you open firefox? What Laptop/Computer do you have? Have you used it during the flight?

Unfortunately the hype is very limited though. I guess no one cares about good payment systems when you can’t get super rich with speculation and pyramid schemes

Am I the only one who doesn’t like linking to alternative frontends? Instances are often unreliable, sketchy, and they come and go. Additionally it obscures the true source of information (which is very important to me personally). I also have an auto redirect set up for YouTube to my favourite instance, and it obviously doesn’t work when someone links to something else.

I don’t know your exact situation, but my general recommendation would be to not feed the trolls, i.e. try to ignore them as best as possible

It’s a much bigger shame that we still don’t have Cell Broadcasts, an established, efficient, reliable standard to mass notify people in a certain region as long as they have a device with a mobile antenna.

But at least our politicians finally realized this would actually be very useful to implement. Allegedly it’ll be functional everywhere summer next year. It only took a disaster with hundreds of casualties…

I recommend copying all files to another location as soon as possible if you haven’t already. Then you can use the HDD for non important data until it dies I guess

It is good because it may finally get German healthcare systems to stop relying on fax. It’s still very different from WhatsApp or Zoom, because as I understand it won’t just be one huge central Matrix Server but rather an internal federation between various providers and maybe even servers self hosted by the hospitals. It’s similar to the French administration or the German Army having their internal federations (I think the French actually have a public instance so citizens can contact them). Why should your internal comms be federated to the public? That’s an unnecessary security risk

What is the right client?

I was using it a few years ago and really liked it. One of the best out of the box experiences I ever had with a distro. Eventually switched back to Arch though because I prefer DIY stuff

That’s a good point actually. Now I also remembered the only use-case I had for Ansible so far was setting up a Matrix server

Their core business is making a product to automate/simplify server setup, and so far I had the impression it’s mostly aimed at corporate environments, with self-hosting communities being a sidequest at best

How does that fit in with user freedom that is inherit of free software ?

Well, I guess it doesn’t. I don’t like Microsofts approach, but if you want to get anywhere near “mass adoption” I think it’s pretty much the only way. Most of my relatives hate computers, they actively avoid using them unless it’s really necessary or if they try to watch a movie. They want to never have to think about computers or anything related to it, and as an extension of that they don’t want choice in their software, because choosing something means thinking about it. These kinds of people will never dare to even think about installing another OS, even if I would do it for them. They most likely don’t even know what an OS is. The iPhone is so popular because, not despite, it gives the user so few choices. Just buy the latest iPhone and you’ll get by for a few years, no thought required. That’s what people want

It’s okay to not self-host. It’s much less effort and as they said they’re helping fund further Matrix development this way by paying for hosting. And I guess they don’t want to spend too much time managing infrastructure that is not critical to their success

WhatsApp/Instagram/Facebook is down right now

instagram.com returns 5xx Server Error and from what I heard Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp messages are not delivered…

Can't login with my password

Hi, I created this account to check out lemmy. When I created it I left no E-Mail address and I entered a long password (90-100 chars) containing only letters and numbers which was generated by my password manager. However, when I now try to log in from another device or browser, it just tells me th…