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There’s a big issue around farmed salmon here in the UK. You’re not doing yourself (or the planet) any favours eating any meat which was farmed in such conditions - chicken, salmon, anything else. It’s a question of time, I think, before another virus gets the better of humans by spreading through a farmed organism of its choice, whose immunity to infection is usually pitiful unless it’s drowning in antibiotics.

This is an imperfect setup, but minimal and simple enough.

  1. Try to eat the same basic meals most days.
  2. Work out the nutrition for the whole meal - many websites will let you make a “meal” from ingredients and save it. You won’t have to use the website after that.
  3. Look through the nutrition data you’ve built. Tweak the meals until you make sure that the basic meals you’re making have everything you need to be healthy, across the week. See a nutritionist for this; it’ll pay off.
  4. Don’t worry about the other meals / extra meals at all - the three steps above mean you’re 80% of the way to a healthy diet, which is much further than many who spend their entire days on food tracking apps :)

I read this the other day. I actually translated one of the philosophers quoted in the article into Polish, way back when. The illusion of free will was just one of many paradoxes he was interested in…

I wrote about this elsewhere not that long ago. Good to see this movement is going strong.