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You’re kinda right, their message “you’re not the product” and showing you ads after is pretty confusing (maybe more than confusing lol). But i think they hit the reality that they were selling utopia and try to keep the project alive by making profit.

But it’s honest from them to let you choose to see ads or not, i mean it’s all open-source !

For the sponsored background i forgot they did that since i’m using another home tab, but anyway as you showed it, you can still disable it and it’s there at the first place because they need profit to live like any other product.

I think it’s fair enough.

Because it’s fast (Chromium) and have an efficient and smooth ads blocker. By few clicks you can keep only what matters to you.

They let you choose, it’s pretty honest.

You guys looks like having fun, although, what the anarcho part ?

Your description is actually right, but not as efficient as they told it would be. Put it all aside and it still a very good browser.

Come on guys, you can easily disable Brave Rewards program on your browser, if you dont like it just put it aside. Brave is a fast and private service if you so set it up right.

i personally still use Brave as main browser, for these reasons :

  • Speed, chromium is fast and so is Brave
  • The crypto wallet feature, i’m not a trader but i’m interested in what blockchain (dapps) can make possible
  • BAT and Brave Ads project, i just want to believe in it, their few past mistakes really made me doubt but i want to see how it will evolve anyway.